Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011: (St. Blaise)
Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you had a flashback to your trip to St. Blaise Church when it had been attacked in the war. In the sacristy of that church you saw many shaped candles for the blessing of the throats, as you received at Mass. Today, many use crossed candles, but the original candles had more of a handle and a place to light a candle. Many traditions as this evolved from a miracle of St. Blaise when he healed a young boy from a fishbone in his throat. He was a bishop and was martyred for his faith. You all are anxious to have any special blessing, as for your throats. You are all blessed with the opportunity of coming to daily Mass. There you are blessed by the priest and by My grace at Holy Communion. Rejoice in all the blessings that I bestow on all of My people.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you are fortunate to have any first class relics of the saints. This is why I wanted you, My son, to put your relics on display at your prayer group for everyone to venerate. I mentioned before that you take in your display to fix them when they get out of order. Give thanks and praise to Me for all the faithful who have suffered for giving witness to Me, whether they were martyred or they were dry martyrs.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have made many covenants with man, and the first was My promise to send a Redeemer for all mankind. This was required to heal Adam and Eve’s sin of disobedience, and to heal and forgive all the sins of everyone. Another covenant is the Ten Commandments that I gave to My people through Moses. Another covenant combined with My death on the cross is the covenant of My Real Presence as you take My Body and Blood in Holy Communion. Strive to keep My Commandments and know that I will forgive you in Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, many are shocked by the ongoing street demonstrations going on in four or five Arab countries. The fact that these demonstrations occurred all at once is a sign to you that various Muslim elements of the population are trying to gain power in these governments. To some extent the people desire some new leadership because they are poor, many unemployed, and have little to eat with little hope of getting better. These real concerns are being taken advantage of by Islamic activists that desire Islamic states. Pray for calm in these outbreaks so there is little or no loss of life.”

Jesus said: “My people, I thank you for doing some research to share with the people exactly how evil these chemtrails and the HAARP machine are in causing man-made disasters. The HAARP has been used to enhance bad storms as you are witnessing all over your country. It is also being used to cause major earthquakes and other military uses. The chemtrails with their toxic barium and aluminum are slowly poisoning your people and the ground where you grow your crops. If people have not looked into the understanding of these weapons, then they should learn exactly how they are abusing the earth as I created it. I have told you if these abuses get worse, I may have to intervene to stop the destruction of My creation.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who are a little older, can remember how difficult it was to type letters and research papers with mechanical typewriters. Today, you have computer word processors and laser printers that make it a lot easier to type reports. You are able to send these words in e-mails and broadcast My Word on the internet. It can be a great help to evangelize people in helping them to save their souls. Beware that these tools can be abused by evil people as well to spread pornography and bad movies. Even the Antichrist will use the internet to try and force people to worship him by mind control. Pray for My help in discerning any abuses and get rid of these tools after the Warning.”

Jesus said: “My people, your State and Federal governments have been overspending their budgets for so long that people have accepted it as business as usual. The debts that have piled up are now on the verge of bankruptcy at all levels of government. Even if by a miracle you could manage to have balanced budgets, you still have to pay the enormous interest on such large debts. Even worse are the underfunded pensions and entitlements that will not have enough money to support them. My people should get ready to come to My refuges once your financial system will crash.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have asked you to store about one year’s supply of food for when food will be hard to find and purchase, especially if a chip in the hand is required to buy things. Some people at My refuges have stored grains as wheat and rice. In order to use them for food and flour, it will be necessary to grind these grains. If you have such grain stored, then you need to have a small mechanical grinder to convert your grain into flour. The grains will keep longer than the ground flour, so only grind what you need at one time. Be like the wise virgins as you will be prepared to endure this tribulation at My refuges with your supplies and those things that I will multiply.”