Thursday, February 21, 2008: (St. Peter Damian)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel on hell or the netherworld is an important reminder to everyone, even the worst of sinners. (Luke 16:19-31) There is a stark contrast between the rich man who had all of his earthly comforts, and the beggar, Lazarus, who had the dogs licking his sores.  After his death the rich man is tormented by flames even though he is in spirit only.  He will not even be comforted with any cool water, and he will remain there forever without ever seeing Me.  The rich man tries to warn his five brothers not to come to this place of torture.  But Abraham tells him that they have Moses and the prophets to follow and if they do not heed them, they will not heed even one that rises from the dead.  This refers to My rising from the dead in My Resurrection.  Some souls are so persuaded by the devil and the concerns of the world that they do not listen to My Word and find themselves in hell just as this rich man.  There are some who so love their sins of addiction that even after the Warning, they will refuse to love and serve Me.  This is why the devil and his angels were punished in hell for denying to love Me nor serve Me.  Your choice for being in heaven or hell is based on your life decision whether you want to serve Me or yourself in the world.  Therefore, choose life in heaven by following My laws and repenting of your sins, or you will choose death in hell.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you someone in constant pain that could be called a suffering servant or a victim soul.  These are the people that offer up their pain to Me to be united with My suffering on the cross.  There are a lot of suffering people in the world, and I pray that more could think to offer up their pain to Me so their pain is not wasted.  There is redemptive merit in offered up pain, and I can use this offering to make atonement for the sins of the world.  Prayer, suffering, and fasting are your Lenten callings for this worldly sin as well.  Those, who are being converted in their souls, could be giving thanks to God that suffering souls are paying the price for the converted souls.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some souls that have been faithful to Me for many years.  This faithful remnant has been a shining example to lead others to conversion to the faith.  The young generation has to look up to their elders for spiritual inspiration.  This is why My faithful need to be constant examples of faith, hope, and charity for your children and grandchildren to follow.  Let them see you constantly at church and in prayer so they see that you practice what you preach.  Pray for all of your family members that they may remain faithful to Me because of your prayers for them.”
Jesus said: “My people, in a way this broken stained glass window represents the brokenness in My Church.  You have see the scandals in My Church with some priests that have had encounters with young boys or older women.  Many churches had to be sold to pay for legal suits against My Church.  In some areas Catholic schools are being closed for lack of funds and low enrollment.  Even though you are suffering such trials, do not let these things weaken your faith.  You all need to be My prayer warriors so you can strengthen the lukewarm and keep them from falling away from their faith.  Broken windows can be repaired as well as any brokenness in My Church.”
Jesus said:  “My people, many of your fertility rates in the industrial countries are dropping because of your abortions and death rates among young children.  America would be losing population if it were not from your large immigration numbers.  People are thinking  it is too difficult to raise children, so there are less being born.  It is in the third world countries that more are born without worries about money and perfect education.  Those, who trust in Me to help raise their children, are more confident in having more children than those depending on themselves only.”
Jesus said: “My people, at times it is good to look back at your old roots of how your parents raised you, and how you raised your own children and grandchildren.  You sometimes feel like an in between generation because you are still providing for your parents’ health, and you may be housing or supporting your children and your grandchildren.  Even though you may feel stressed in this care, you should feel honored and grateful that you have the money and health to help all of your family members.  Continue your good works because you are all storing much treasure in heaven for your loving care.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you look up this staircase, you think it is impossible to climb all the way up to heaven as a saint.  You need to look at each day as one step at a time because each day has enough troubles of its own.  Each day try your best to serve Me and your neighbor out of love, and do not worry if you are doing everything perfectly.  You will make mistakes along the way, but take courage because I am with you to forgive you so you can pick yourself up and carry on in My service.  Keep focused on Me and please Me in following My laws and continue your daily prayer efforts.”
Jesus said: “My people, My mercy will be poured out on every soul at the time of the Warning.  Even the worst of sinners will be given an opportunity to change their way of sin and be converted.  After the Warning you will be more responsible for your actions because you will know more how your sins offend Me.  The event of the Warning will signal the beginning of the Antichrist coming into power.  There will be weeks to prepare conversions, but then evil will have its hour and you will be called to safety at My refuges.  Do not be afraid or be hesitant to leave everything behind, because My angels will protect you on your way to My refuges, where all of your necessities will be provided for you.  Trust in Me always to provide for your spiritual and physical needs.”