Thursday, December 3, 2009: (St. Francis Xavier)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of an ice storm with ice all over the trees, brings back memories for people, especially those living in the North. Truly you will have more ice storms this winter, but this message is focused more on those who have icy hearts and have little or no love for Me. It is because of your lack of love for Me that you have wars and little or no love for your neighbor. This should be part of the Christmas spirit that you open your hearts in love for Me and others. Put aside the spirit of the world in desires for money and pleasure, and focus more on love of Me and love of your neighbor. This should not only be expected of you just in the Christmas Season, but you should always have love in your heart throughout the whole year. Loving people is not just for a few days, but it is a lifetime calling which may require sacrifices at times in helping people. The more you imitate My life of love, the closer you will come to living a truly Christian life, worthy of your reward in heaven.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, there are still demands for mining coal and gold. Mines are a hazardous place to work and breathe, as you had mining deaths in China recently. Coal as a fuel is not as desired for producing energy, but it still is needed for steel making and running factories. Gold prices have gone up rapidly which is a sign of the dollar’s value decreasing. These industries do provide jobs which are in need more than ever. Pray for the safety of these miners who work the mines for a living.”

Jesus said: “My people, your government people have been focused on jobs and the housing industry. Some funding for making roads and bridges has kept your construction people busy with work. House sales are slowly coming back, but it is still a problem with so many foreclosure homes on the market. Pray for the workers in these industries and for your homeowners who are trying to keep their homes.”

Jesus said: “My people, as your government people talk of more troops for Afghanistan, your Defense industries are getting new product orders for this extended war. You can see the relationship between the need to create wars and the money made for weapons sold to both sides. It is the blood money made from weapons that is the force that keeps your Industrial Defense complex alive. The rich, who are making money on wars, do not care who dies or if the National Debt is going up because you cannot balance your budgets. Pray for peace and to stop your constant war-making that has no advantage for America.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have inspired many people to set up refuges and interim refuges to house My faithful during the coming tribulation. Some have been discouraged because events seem to be taking longer than they thought. While some have not answered My call, those that have will need your support as many budgets are being stretched to provide food, bedding, and shelter. Some refuges should be involved with prayer groups and possibly start helping each other with any needed preparations.”

Jesus said: “My people, you need to trust in the miracles that I will perform for My people at My refuges. I have shown you examples of people and places being made invisible for protection. My faithful could financially support a refuge and not just expect everything to be handed to them. True, My angels will multiply your food and buildings, but your communities will still need to clean and prepare food. You also need to have your backpacks of sacramentals, clothing, food, tents, and blankets ready to travel to the nearest refuge or one that you have been supporting. Trust in Me for protection and your daily necessities.”

Jesus said: “My people, floods, earthquakes, fires, and tornadoes have caused much destruction in America. It has been people helping each other in these disasters that has brought things back to normal. Government aid has been very sparse in providing for people’s needs. Continue to help the poor and needy who have suffered from these disasters. They need your prayers and your physical help.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have heard your petition and you are concerned about Dr. John Kelly’s quick death from cancer. Pray for his family and his soul. Providing Masses for his intention will surely be appreciated by John and his family. Your prayer group members need to remember his faithfulness to your meetings, and his help in his food research for you. With your prayers and Masses he will have a short stay in purgatory.”