Thursday, December 25, 2008: (Christmas Day)

Jesus said: “My people, the shepherds and the Magi were led by an angel and a star to the place where I was born. The Magi rightfully gave Me gifts befitting a king, because I am your spiritual King and not an earthly king, as My people were expecting. Today is a great celebration that commemorates My coming upon the earth to save all of mankind. King David was the lineage for My Kingship, even in an earthly succession. As you see all of the prophecies coming about, you can realize My plan of salvation is for everyone. Give praise and glory to Me, even as My angels heralded My coming to earth in their singing of Me. Love one another this Christmas and put all of your anger and grudges aside because this life is too short for all of your fighting. Live in peace and not with war.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have talked to you several times about Me being the Light of the world. When these eclipses happen, they are like omens of evil that bring darkness during the day time. These eclipses last only a short time and My Light returns to dispel the darkness of evil. Even when I died on the cross, you could see a darkness come over the land as the soldiers put Me to death. I still make good come out of these bad omen events, when My death brought salvation to all of mankind. You have seen the Star over Bethlehem pointing to My birth. Even in the beginning of the Gospel of St. John you read of Me as the Word or the Light that came into this world. Give praise and thanks for My birth on Christmas because the God-man in Me came to earth so I could die for your sins.”