Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, before I was born, there were many prophets who foretold My coming, as they prepared the people for the coming Messiah. Some of the Jews thought I would come as an earthly king and take away the Roman yoke from around them. I came as a poor innocent babe, and even Herod wanted to kill Me. These prophets called the people to repentance and to follow My Commandments. The people resented being told what to do, and many of the prophets were killed because the people did not want to hear a message to change their lives of sin. Even St. John the Baptist was killed by Herod, and I was also crucified for My message. It is no surprise that the people of today, do not want to hear My current prophets either. You, My son, have an even harder message in preparing the people for the coming tribulation. They do not want to hear about saving food, or leaving their homes for My refuges. Still you need to keep proclaiming My coming, and preparing souls with Confession in readiness for My coming Warning. Those people, who do not accept Me, could lose their souls in hell. Those people, who do accept Me, will have their reward in My Era of Peace, and later in heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My son, you have fulfilled another one of your projects as you installed a new fence, and your new shed. You are planning to put in some insulation into the shed as recommended by your contractor. Keep in mind that you will only be using this shed for your purpose for only a few years. You may also consider using some of your left over rug material on the floor. The shed is movable for your later purposes. Now, you will be focused on getting your solar panels installed. Your initial work is almost complete and ready for when people will be coming.”

Jesus said: “My people, your weather forecasters have been predicting a warmer winter than normal because of your El Nino effect in the Pacific Ocean. You have not had measurable snow at your airport, where you normally have had ten inches by now. Be thankful for less cold and snow than you usually receive. This good weather will allow workers to do more work outside.”

Jesus said: “My people, normally you would want to help the Syrian refugees, especially the Christians who are fleeing from ISIS terrorists. Your President is more focused on bringing in Syrian Moslems, which has some people questioning about the background of these immigrants. This is becoming more of a concern after the ISIS leaning people killed people in San Bernardino, Ca. Pray that these immigrants do not cause you more problems.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing Russia bombing mostly the rebels against Assad, and very little, if any, against the ISIS fighters. America is supporting Iraq, the rebels, and even the Kurds. There is a plan to add more weapons and some ground troops to direct your own planes who are bombing ISIS elements. There is some concern that this war could expand because it is hard to determine who is fighting against who. Russia and America seem to be supporting opposite sides, so your countries could be fighting each other in the future. Keep praying for peace in this unsettled war.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Central bank in America is about to increase its interest rate in a mild tightening back toward historical rates. They are doing so as long as inflation is low and unemployment rates are low. In Europe their Central bank is making more money available with lower rates and even some quantitative easing as your country did earlier. Their unemployment rate is higher than your rate. Pray that your economies will work out any shortcomings so the people will have jobs for work, and food to eat.”

Jesus said: “My son, in the past you have prayed your St. Theresa novena for help with your books and your refuge needs. In this case you could pray this novena so your daughter could find a job while she still is fresh with her job skills. Remember also to pray a thanksgiving novena when she does find a job. Have confidence and faith in your prayer requests, and they will be answered.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have helped your family members in their needs for loans on houses and cars. You may have to again assist your daughter until she finds a new job. All of those family members who you helped, are most grateful for your concern and love for them in their needs. Have your daughter think about coming to Sunday Mass in her prayers for a job. Both of you need to pray for this intention.”