Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010: (Dedication of St. Mary Major in Rome)
Jesus said: “My people, many of you go to great lengths to enhance your physical appearance. You cut and comb your hair. You shave or add powder to your face. Some even have operations to change their facial appearance or diet to be slender. Much money and care goes into your daily appearance. I pray that everyone will have as much fervor to attend to your soul’s appearance as you do for your body’s appearance. Did I not make the inside soul as I made your physical outside body? (Luke 11:40) You are body and soul, and you need to pay more attention to your soul’s appearance to Me. If you are in sin, especially mortal sin, your soul looks dark and even dead to Me. You need to go to Confession at least once a month so your soul can be forgiven your sins, and it will be dazzlingly white with My grace of absolution. I will cleanse your soul’s sins to return your soul’s beautiful appearance when you are free of sin and full of My grace. All souls, that repent of their sins in Confession, cause a great celebration in heaven for each converted sinner. Rejoice that you may have a beautiful appearance both inside and outside of your body. Strive to keep My peace in your heart and soul.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you have complained about oil spills and dirty, dangerous coal mines, but the truth is that you are dependent on oil and coal to run your country. The car being driven into a flood of oil in the vision is a sign that to drive all of your cars, trucks, and other vehicles, you need to consume 25% of the world’s oil production. Your people are so in love with their individual cars that you do not realize how much energy in fuels and coal for power plants that you consume. This is why you have a higher standard of living than other nations, but you are having billions of dollars in lost trade balance as a result. Your standard of living will be decreasing because of your overspending. America will need to cut back on your consumption because you cannot keep increasing your debts without some consequences.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have realized for many years that your communications have been censored to the point that only your liberal media controls what is politically correct. This radio melting in the vision is another sign that those in control of your media are going to mute or shut down your freedom of speech on the airwaves. Any speaking about Me or religious subjects will also be stifled. Your authorities are trying to eliminate their opposition so you will only hear one liberal and socialist voice. This control will be similar to other communist countries.”

Jesus said: “My people, this school bus accident is another sign that your children are being brain washed with warped science in teaching evolution theory as fact, no prayer in the schools, and changed h
istory books to deceive children on the real meaning of your democratic republic. These young minds are being censored from hearing other points of view in science, religion, and history. This is why America is falling back in education as many children are weak in the science and math needed for your working world. When you take Me out of your schools, you will see that this void will be filled with worthless distractions. You are dependent on Me for everything, so America needs to repent, or you will fall.”

Jesus said: “My people, exercise in sports is helpful for your health. Unfortunately, the major sports coverage and participation is so pervasive that this can become an obsession, as some people lose focus on where your country is headed. When you worship sports on Sunday games ahead of going to Sunday Mass, you can see that you truly are placing other gods of entertainment before Me. By My Third Commandment you are called to worship Me on My day of rest under pain of mortal sin, and not to worship sports even on Sunday Mass times. When you turn your back on Me, you are calling for My judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, you were enriched with the history of your North American martyrs. You walked a path that they likely walked, and you were given the details of their torture and a look at a small village as it was in years past. There are similarities with those times compared with your coming trials in the tribulation. You will be seeing religious persecution as many will be martyred for their faith again. This rustic village, where there was no electricity, will be similar to your refuges that will have a simple way of life with Me in the center. When you take away your many worldly distractions, you will have more time for Me in prayer.”

Jesus said: “My people, as your manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas, soon you will have a lower standard of living and return to an agrarian style of life. Farms are also being controlled by fertilizer and seed companies. Food prices are also held artificially low for the farmers as their costs outstrip what they can get for their crops. When famines come, the evil ones will cause food control that could cause many to die of starvation. This is why you will need some extra food until you come to My refuges. You will have your food multiplied at My refuges so all of those who come will have enough to eat.”