Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013: (Passion of St. John the Baptist)
Jesus said: “My people, St. John the Baptist was a man of truth, and he asked people to repent of their sins, and be baptized in the Jordan. He pointed out My mission as the ‘Lamb of God’ and many followed Me after that. His famous words were ‘I must decrease, while the Lord must increase.’ This is true for all of My followers, that I should be the most important person in their lives. Eventually, St. John the Baptist was martyred because of Herod’s wife, Herodius. Herod was living in fornication with his brother’s wife. This living together is rampant even in your society today. The marriage act is a part of My creation that man partakes of with a woman in producing children. This act should only be occurring under the bond of the sacrament of marriage. Marriage of a husband to a wife is the only proper environment to have children and bring them up. You have a disjointed society because you have single parents bringing up your children. Many do not understand the sacredness of the marriage act, and they do not even think that fornication is a sin, if the couple love’s each other. Adultery and fornication are still mortal sins against the Sixth Commandment, even if people do not accept My laws. To properly receive Me in Holy Communion, such sins need to be forgiven in Confession, or you are committing a sin of sacrilege. Even married partners for life, need to avoid using any birth control means, because each act of relations needs to be open for possible conception. My Church only accepts family planning of taking advantage of infertile times to control the number of children. I know there is a desire for pleasure, but I want My followers to abide by My laws for such relations. The sins of the flesh send more souls to hell than any other sin. I have given you My sacrament of Penance to cleanse such sins from your souls. This is why a man and a woman should not live together with relations without marriage, to avoid a near occasion of sin. Treat the marriage act with respect because you are sharing in My creation at that time. Honor marriage as a lifelong commitment with your spouse. If your society lived this way in normal families, you would have less sin, and a better life for your children in a moral society. As you are right now, America will be held responsible for your abortions and your sexual sins. As a punishment, your country will be taken away from you.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, many people are questioning why you should bomb Syria because you do not support either side. You also do not have proof of which side used a nerve gas agent. There is some suspicion that the one world people are behind the Moslem Brotherhood that is trying to oust Assad. Another concern is about Russian warships that are coming to the Mediterranean Sea. Some are even talking about closing the Suez Canal. With all of these uncertainties looming, it is hard to go forward with any Tomahawk missile attack. Keep praying your novenas to stop this possible war, and call on My heavenly angels to thwart these demons from starting a more serious war.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have a military in Egypt that is siding with the people against the Moslem Brotherhood. After seeing the control of the Moslem Brotherhood, as they were in power for awhile, the people want more freedom. This is why the two sides are clashing on the streets of Egypt. There is a question of sending aid to Egypt, because it is unclear who would be getting the money. These funds have been secretly shut down until one side appears to be in control.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard of the many changes in the Health Care Law where some provisions are exempting certain groups from paying immediately. Some of your Republicans in the House do not want to fund this law because of its penalties and restrictions on medical care. Some doctors are retiring early, and some companies are turning more full time workers into part-time workers so they have less to pay for their health care. The fact that certain groups are being postponed for a year or two, indicates that even the Democrat sponsors are concerned about the failure of this law. Pray that people can keep their health care plans without large increases in the costs.”

Jesus said: “My people, you saw some major problems with your budget last year. You first implemented your sequester which limited your individual budgets by 5-10%. You also stopped the reduction in your Social Security tax. Your economy has been sluggish this year as a result. Now, you will have the same cuts for next year with a need to raise some debt limits to keep paying your bills. Because there is not a clear path forward, many companies are holding back on hiring more people. Your people cannot afford a new war with your current deficits. Your Congress and your President have to make some serious choices on how to finance your government.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen parts of your government ordering unusual amounts of food that is not for your military nor the general public. You are also seeing orders for large amounts of ammunition, and preparations for handling street riots. These things are in addition to the detention death camps that are being prepared. My faithful need to trust in Me that I will bring My Warning when it is needed. I will also tell My faithful when it will be necessary to go to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, My messages have been warning you to store some food, and have your things ready to leave quickly for My refuges. Many people look around, and they do not see any immediate threats to their lives. All I can tell you is that when things start to happen, they will happen quickly, and you will not have any preparation time. It is better to be ready to leave quickly, or you may not be able to leave your homes before the men in black could capture you. Heed My warnings so you can save your lives and your souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you many times that you can only have peace through My graces in My sacraments. It is by frequent Confession and Holy Communion at Mass where you can draw on My peace and strength. Do not let the daily concerns of wars, finances, and the devil’s temptations so distract you, that you lose your peace. You need to stay calm and trust in My protection, and you can guard your peace. Do not let anything upset you or control you in any way that will threaten your peace. You may see many disturbing things on your news, but do not let news control you. The devil wants to take away your peace, but keep steady in fighting his temptations, and you will be able to weather any earthly or spiritual storms.”