Thursday, August 21, 2008: (St. Pius X)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a white light at night attracting the bugs shows you how even in nature insects need help in the dark for orientation. Man also, even in a physical way, needs a light source in pitch darkness to find his way and do things. A simple light bulb gives you a longer day to function. In some jungle tribes that do not desire to use electricity, it is a normal practice to retire to bed as darkness falls. In a spiritual sense I am the Light of your world, but I also provide for your physical needs as well. I am your Creator and I comfort you with My love and peace. My Light also attracts you to Me for the warmth of My love and for direction to your life in the mission that I give to each of you. When people die or have near death experiences, these souls are drawn to My Light for their judgment. All souls have to answer to Me, and you are accountable to Me for all of your actions in this life. Enjoy basking in My Light of grace and repent of your sins, so you can have eternal life with Me in My Light in heaven.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you are beginning to see the spiritual attacks and persecution of religious people and My churches. You have seen some churches burned and vandals stealing money from My churches. But when you see deliberate attacks to destroy statues, crucifixes, and taking Hosts out of My tabernacles, then you are seeing more vicious attacks inspired by the demons. When you see such vandalism against My Hosts, you will need to better protect My Hosts in a safe place from such thefts. Pray for My protection in the coming persecution in the tribulation.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that whatever you treasure most will be treasured in your hearts. If gold, money, and possessions are treasured the most by someone, then this love of riches will be in their hearts. If loving Me and adoring Me in Adoration is your treasure, then your heart will be open to receive Me. Your soul lives on forever because it is immortal, but your possessions and your body are passing away. I am the most valuable treasure, so deny yourself and your possessions, and hold Me close in your hearts.”
Jesus said: “My people, this latest tropical storm did not have strong winds, but the proud are being humbled by the many floods from heavy rains. Water damage will be just as severe as a major hurricane. After this storm has left Florida, these people will have more respect for such storms that can still cause a lot of destruction with heavy rainfalls and floods. Pray for these people who are suffering home losses and power outages.”
Jesus said: “My people, the rich people on Wall Street can complain of the reduced value of their stocks, but the average American is struggling more just to survive. Those, who are still working, are seeing their wages barely increasing, but not as fast as inflation. Benefits are being cut back while house values are decreasing, and food and fuel costs are increasing. Jobs are being lost and less taxes are being collected which is causing reductions in all levels of government budgets. Pray for your poor and working poor that I will provide enough for them to survive.”
Jesus said: “My people, your news has highlighted how your education expenses have raised your taxes to the point of where is the limit. Some are struggling to get by, and high taxes for education are testing the limits of what people can afford to pay. College expenses also have no relation to reality for the extreme prices being paid for the same education. With fewer well paying jobs available, some are questioning if high price college educations are worthy investments. Education expenses need to conform to the reality of all other expenses.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know how evil this generation is, and I have asked My prayer warriors to be faithful to praying their daily rosaries. In addition to your prayers and praying that I will double them, there is another source of power in visiting My Blessed Sacrament. For every visit that you make to adore Me, you could also pray that I will double your graces for adoring Me. This combination of prayer and Adoration will be your counterbalance for all the sin that is going on in your world. Without enough counterbalancing for sin, then My wrath and justice would fall heavily on the earth. At the height of evil with the Antichrist, I will truly condemn the evil ones to hell and raise up My faithful on a renewed earth. Prepare your souls with Confession and do your part to counter the sin in the world.”
Our Lady said: “My dear children, when you look at this blue butterfly, I thank your host for bringing it to you to see how they appear. Marie Esperanza received a message from me that the presence of these live blue butterflies are a sign to the pilgrims of my very presence among them. This is why seeing seventeen such sightings is why I had a long enduring presence with you during Mass and your rosaries. Thank you for all of your rosaries for My intentions because there is much need of your prayers for this world.”