Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, I call all of My people to obey My Commandments and My decrees. You have free will to obey Me or not, but you will suffer the consequences of your sins. In the Gospel the man found without a wedding garment was bound and thrown outside to gnash his teeth. If you die with mortal sin on your soul, you are at risk to be judged to hell. So come to Confession so you can have a pure soul, and you will be properly dressed for My Wedding Banquet. In the last sentence you read how many are called to the Wedding Banquet, but few are chosen. By loving Me and following My Commandments, you can be one of My chosen disciples. In the last sentence of the first reading I told the Israelites that I would be their God, and they will be My people. In the New Testament I am the cornerstone, but the builders rejected Me. So I formed My Church on St. Peter, and the gates of hell will not prevail over My faithful remnant, who are My chosen people, and I will protect them at My refuges. Trust in your Savior and follow Me, and I will bring My faithful to My heavenly Wedding Banquet.”

(Funeral Mass for Helen Rosenthal) Helen said: “I am overjoyed to be standing in line for the best dinner of all with Jesus at His Wedding Feast. This Mass enabled me to come to heaven. I was happy to see my fellow Carmelites at my funeral. I love all of my family, and I will be praying for them and watching over them. I thank all of my family and friends for coming to my funeral Mass. I thank Jesus and the Blessed Mother for all they have done for me in my life on earth. I hope to see all of you again one day when you come to heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you are aware of the Book of Revelation, and there are various groups of seven objects (7 churches, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 signs, and 7 bowls) that reveal the progression toward the coming tribulation events. For your homework I want you to look up the seven scrolls with the seven seals of Revelation because these events are about to be opened. I will give you another message to reveal their contents so you can share what is coming upon mankind.” (Revelation chapters 6 and 7)
The seven seals are war, strife, famine, pestilence, martyrs, stars falling from heaven, sealing of God’s servants on the forehead.

Jesus said: “My people, you are aware of the severe droughts you have been having in California. Because of this dry bush and some arson fires, you are seeing tens of thousands of homes having to evacuate due to many severe fires. It is hard for many families to return to their burned out homes. These people were losing lives, jobs, and their homes. The winds have made it difficult to contain these fires. Pray for rain and less wind so the fires could be brought under control.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gulf area you have seen a circling low pressure that was equivalent to the rain of a hurricane. The rain storms stayed over Louisiana long enough to create some historic flood levels that have taken lives and tens of thousands of homes. The devastation is so bad that it will take a major effort to restore this area to normal again. Pray for donations and prayers for these people to start all over. These natural disasters are part of America’s punishment for your abortions, euthanasia, and gay marriages. Pray for your people to see the need for prayers and repenting.”

Jesus said: “My people, more information is being revealed about the email details of your Democratic candidate. I have mentioned before that more revelations from these emails could endanger this candidate’s credibility. It is unknown what will happen if this candidate was removed from the election. A surprise candidate could replace the current candidate. The one world people are intent on creating a martial law so they could take over America and bring about a North American Union. Be ready to leave for My refuges, if you see a martial law or mandatory chips in the body. Have trust in Me that I will protect you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been warning you for some time that you need to store some extra food and water for a coming world famine. Your natural disasters and mandatory chips in the body will cause a famine in America. Without these chips you will not be able to buy food. I will multiply your food pantries so you will not starve, and you will not need chips for food because you will be at My refuges. When your lives are in danger I will help you with My angels to get to My refuges, and I will bring My Warning.”

Jesus said: “My people, when people come to My refuges, they think all will go smoothly, but at first it will take a while to calm the people down, so they can work together for their survival. People will be assigned jobs to help with bedding, meals, water, and the multiplication of your food and fuels. Storage of your refuge items and space for the people will be needed. If necessary, My angels may have to expand your living quarters to provide for more people than you expected. Trust in Me that you will have food to eat, water to drink, beds to sleep on, and clothes to wear.”

Jesus said: “My people, at My refuges My angels may have to finish or build more buildings to accommodate all the people who will come to your refuges. Keep in mind that only the people who have crosses on their foreheads, will be allowed into your refuges. You may need to make more tables for eating, more beds for sleeping, and more outhouses for your needs. With all of this construction and building going on at your refuges, it may take a short time for people to adapt to their new homes and your angel protection. I will calm people down with My Eucharistic miracles, and you will have a place for perpetual Adoration. Pray that your people will see the need to be satisfied with less accommodations than they had at their homes. You will also see the need for a better prayer life.”