Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016: (St. Clare)
Jesus said: “My people, all of you are sinners, even if you do not want to admit it. I am a merciful God, and look how many times I have forgiven people in Confession. I will always forgive a repentant sinner, no matter how serious the sin is. Today’s Gospel is making a point of how many times you need to forgive people. You need to forgive people more than a few times, but even all of the time, if you are seeking to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. It is hard for man to forgive his family members, let alone others. I am even requesting that you forgive your enemies as well. When you hang on to grudges or unforgiven offenses from someone, it holds you down and can stifle your life. So you need to let these things go, so you can get on with your life. My faithful also need to ask others for forgiveness of any harm that you might have done to them. You also should be able to forgive yourself for bad behavior, and then learn from your mistakes so you do not repeat them. Many of you have habitual sins, and it takes spiritual will power to change your ways. Do what you can to avoid any occasion of sin, and call on My grace to live a holy Christian life.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a set of steps which represent the steps for a martial law takeover. The first step is to weaken your military defenses, especially the protection of the mainland. The second is to invite UN foreign troops into your bases. Another is to prepare detention death camps to eliminate those people who are blocking the new world order. One step is to control people through chipped documents, and eventually chips in the body to control people like robots. Other steps are to break down the family and a love of God. If you are an astute observer, you can see that martial law could take over America at any time. Pray for your sinners, but your punishment is about to be carried out.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have evil ones around you, and I will not leave you orphans or defenseless. Before the evil ones can implement their planned takeover, I will bring My Warning, and I will warn My faithful when it is time to come to My refuges of protection. Your guardian angels will lead you to My refuges, and they will shield you from the evil ones. My refuge builders have prepared food, water, bedding, and fuels for heating. I will multiply your food, water, and fuels for your survival. Angels will protect you, and they will only allow people with crosses on their foreheads to enter My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have mentioned this problem before about your computerized voting machines that may have been fixed so only one candidate could be tallied. To keep your elections fair, these machines should check the tally with the paper ballots after the vote is taken. Only those registered in a district should be allowed to vote with their signature to match the voting record signature. If you allow other votes, you are encouraging fraud. Without a fair election, only the one world candidates will be allowed to win. Pray for your country, but expect another fixed election as you have had in the past.”

Jesus said: “My people, in World War II you saw how the Nazi Germans tried to cleanse all the Jews, religious, and anyone against them by killing them in gas chambers at the death camps. Today, you are about to see another holocaust to remove Christians, and anyone against the new world order. There are hundreds of detention camps all over your country, equipped with gas chambers and crematoriums. They were built to be used in the coming takeover of America. The evil ones will cover this up, but there is plenty of evidence of their evil plans for takeover. Be prepared to come to My refuges of protection. Soon I will bring My victory over all of these evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, for many years you have fought wars to be free of dictators like Hitler. The evil ones, who worship Satan, have infested your land to break down your families and your worship of God. By your abortions, drugs, pornography, and many other distractions, you have fallen away from your faith in Me. You have allowed the one world people to control your leaders, and now it is almost impossible to take back your country. Be prepared to trust in Me in prayer so I can protect you. You will face a short tribulation before I bring My victory.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you that soon it will be difficult to buy any food at your stores. You will be seeing a controlled food distribution by chips that will create an artificial famine. Eventually, chips in the body will be necessary to buy food. Refuse chips in the body because they will control your minds and your free will. You will need your stored extra food at first that you store in your homes. Later, you will need to come to My refuges for your food and My protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, some people do not believe that your country is about to be taken over. These disbelievers need to talk to people who had their country quickly taken over by the communists. Before any takeover, the evil ones hide their intentions with lies and cover stories, even as you are being deceived by your media. You need to trust in Me to protect you every day, and I am giving you My prophets to warn you of the coming tribulation.”