Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011: (St. John Baptist de la Salle)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I was telling the people how My testimony was greater than that of St. John the Baptist. His testimony pointed to Me as the coming Messiah, and he called people to repent and be baptized. His message is much like you are doing in Lent by prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. St. John the apostle writes a Gospel with an emphasis on My Divinity. I am truly Divine and human at the same time. My testimony is that I bring eternal life through Myself when you share in worthily receiving My Body and Blood in Holy Communion. I bring everyone salvation through My death on the cross. My testimony is verified in My miracles, and the witness of My heavenly Father as He spoke at My Baptism and Transfiguration. I told the people that the Father and I are One, and that I was sent to the earth by My Father. The people thought I was a blasphemer to claim equality with God, and that is why they killed Me. They thought that they knew My origins, and they could not believe that I was a God-man or the Messiah. This whole question of My Divinity was hard for the Jews to accept which is why Holy Week is focused on this dispute. Evil had its hour in My Crucifixion, but then I conquered death and sin by My Resurrection from the dead. It was then that all worthy souls were allowed entry into heaven. Give praise and thanks to Me and to St. John the apostle for explaining My Divinity to you.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you have information that the HAARP machine can be used to make earthquakes with low 5 Hz frequencies, and it can be used to alter the jet streams to create violent weather. Seeing this beam active means the HAARP machine has been turned on to cause earthquakes and bad weather. You can do some more research for its latest activities.”

Jesus said: “My people, one severe crack has been sealed to restrict high radioactive water from escaping. The normal cooling pumps are not working and adding seawater is creating a corrosive problem to the working problem of cooling the hot rods. Even nitrogen has been introduced to reduce any further explosions of the hydrogen by smothering any oxygen with this inert gas. Without some way of cooling better, more radioactive water will be poured into the ocean. Pray that this radiation can be minimized and controlled.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you analyze who is behind these uprisings, there are terrorist elements connected to Iran and Hamas. Many older leaders are being forced out of power, and it is leaving a vacuum for the Brotherhood to take over. Libya has been slow to change because of Gaddafi’s resistance. During these takeovers, you are seeing oil, gold, and silver prices reaching high levels in dollars. These same terrorists will eventually find their way into Saudi Arabia. When this happens, you could see $300 a barrel oil prices which could send many nations into recession or depression. Pray that this insurrection can be lessened or your world economy could fail.”

Jesus said: “My people, as oil prices continue to rise because of possible supply disruptions in the Middle East, there will be an increasing demand to drill for oil in America. These wells could be started, but by the time they are providing fuel, your country could go bankrupt without cheap fuels for heating and transportation. This is another reason why an independent energy plan should have already been put in place. A disruption in oil deliveries will create a drastic shortage in fuel supplies which will be hard to replace causing many businesses to shut down and could create a chaotic depression. Pray again for an energy transition with less dependence on foreign oil.”

Jesus said: “My people, you see many physical means to purify water for drinking and isolating pure metals for industrial uses. Many people are so busy in the workplace and raising their families that they do not take enough time to see how much they need to purify their sinful souls. Unless you slow down to look at how you can improve your spiritual life, it will be hard to make any progress in seeking your spiritual perfection. Daily prayer and frequent Confession would be a good start to draw close to Me. Instead of letting money, jobs, or entertainment control your lives, you should set Me in the center of your life, and do everything for Me, instead of your own selfish interests. When you let Me run your life, you will have whatever you need and peace in your soul as well. Use this Lenten time to grow in your faith and follow Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, Holy Week is your most important time of spirituality of the whole year. You need to have all of your Lenten devotions prepare you for this holy time of the year. As you realize how much I suffered for your souls, you should give Me praise and thanks that I have brought salvation to everyone who reaches out to ask for My forgiveness. I have opened the gates to heaven, but you are to love Me and your neighbor in order to be worthy to enter. Your whole life is a journey toward heaven, and you need to keep your focus on Me every day. Call on Me to help you on your way to spiritual perfection, and you will one day see your reward in heaven.”