Thursday, April 2, 2009: (St. Francis of Paola)

Jesus said: “My people, the readings for today talk of two great Covenants in the Bible. The first talks about Abraham how he will be a Father of all Nations, and his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky. He also was promised the land that they were occupying. In the Gospel you are seeing another statement of My being the Son of God when I declared to the people that before Abraham came to be ‘I AM’. The Jewish leaders did not accept that I was God, or the Messiah, so they tried to kill Me for blaspheming in their eyes. It was for this reason that I declared Myself as the Son of God that eventually they were to crucify Me. But this is why I came into the world to offer up My life as a worthy sacrifice to ransom all of mankind and bring all of you salvation from your sins. My crucifixion is a fulfillment of another promise or Covenant that a Messiah would be sent to free all peoples of their sins. Soon you will revisit the words of My suffering on Passion or Palm Sunday leading into Holy Week. Rejoice that I keep all of My promises for mankind, and I continue to watch over you at all times.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you have been graced with this exposition of My Holy Shroud at Turin. It shows you all of the nail marks and ths scourging that I suffered, even with My crown of thorns. The vision of the woman anointing Me with oil was done for My pending burial before I was crucified. The wrappings found in the tomb had My image imbedded in the cloth at the moment of My Resurrection when My Light caused this image to form. Rejoice that you have this replica to give witness to My Crucifixion and My Resurrection.”
Jesus said: “My people, in this scene the people were singing My praise: ‘Hosanna in the Highest’. This celebration as I rode into Jerusalem on a donkey was a joyful jubilation, but it lasted only a short time, just as human fame is fleeting. After I shared the Passover Meal that some call ‘The Last Supper’, I instituted My Body and Blood in the First Eucharist under the appearances of bread and wine. Later, in the Garden of Gethsamani the people now wanted to crucify Me for claiming I was the Son of God which I am. Be prepared for the coming Holy Week services.”
Jesus said: “My people, thank you also for displaying Josyp Terelya’s picture of Me as you depart for his funeral. I have given you a message how I wanted to be a hidden Messiah without any fame for Myself. Others did not want to admit that I was the Messiah even when I performed miracles and rose from the dead in My glorious Resurrection. Once My apostles were given the gifts of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, they were emboldened to go out into the streets to shout that the Kingdom of God was upon everyone. They witnessed My words in the Gospels and I put St. Peter in charge of My Church where the popes have carried on My words of salvation to all peoples, even until today.”
Jesus said: “My people, there were other relics of My last days that are treasured in sacred places. Some sought the Holy Grail that I offered up at My Last Supper. Veronica’s veil also held a miraculous image of My face as she wiped My face during My carrying of My Cross. Some have relics of My True Cross that have seen healings come from holding it. Even the spear of Longinus that pierced My side was sought for legendary power. All of these artifacts have a holy significance in addition to the Shroud and other miracles of My Eucharist.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are about to share in praising Me on Palm Sunday as you hold your palms in procession. The irony of this Sunday is that it is also called Passion Sunday because you are reading the account of My suffering and death on the cross. It is appropriate that you are displaying My Shroud of suffering right before hearing My passion again. As you read the details of how I suffered, think of how much I loved mankind, that of My own free will, I was willing to sacrifice My life for all of you. I could have saved you in a less dramatic way, but I chose this crucifixion to show you that I would go to any extreme to save all sinners from their sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are redemptive graces that can be obtained in your Masses, your prayers, and your good deeds. Those, who give their lives for My Name’s sake, will receive instant sainthood and their intercession for your prayers will bring more souls to conversion. Offer up your own suffering and crosses with My suffering, and I will multiply My graces for all sinners who need to repent and be converted.”
Jesus said: “My people, I thank you for all of your beautiful displays, but most of all I share My graces even more with My holy adorers who take special time to adore Me in holy hours or visit Me in My tabernacle. Receiving Me in Holy Communion or adoring My Host will give you a peace in your heart and soul that cannot be found anywhere else among your worldly things.”