Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012: (Funeral for Henry Mitalski-Carla’s uncle)
Jesus said: “My people, in your life time you just scratch the surface of things that you could learn about in this short life on earth. The spiritual world is another realm of knowledge which is focused on a battle for souls. You will not be judged on your knowledge, status, or how much money you have. You will be judged on your actions, and how you loved Me and your neighbors. My Commandments of love are your spiritual guides as you should do everything out of love for Me. Keep focused on Me throughout your lives, and I will lead you to your home in heaven. Pray for Henry and have Masses said for him, as he will be praying for all of you. Strive for the higher levels of heaven in all that you do to carry out My mission for each of you.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing various places where statues and icons are weeping tears of oil, and even blood in some rare instances. These weeping statues are occurring because of heaven’s response to all the abortions being committed. There are also many sexual sins, as your society is turning its back on Me. Pray for sinners, especially for the lukewarm who are spiritually lazy when they do not come to Sunday Mass. Do not refuse My graces by not coming to Mass, but come to Communion so you will have strength to fight the devil’s temptations.”

Jesus said: “My people, many places offer free flu shots that your government is paying for. The vaccines are made by your drug companies who are making a good profit. It is sad that some shots are using aborted fetal cells to make the vaccines instead of animal cells. It is safer to reject these flu shots which are causing more harm to your immune system than they are helping. I have asked you to take Hawthorn pills, herbs, and vitamins to build up your immune system. You will need this protection when the evil ones will try to spread a new Bird Flu that will be contagious and deadly. This is the pandemic virus that will be spread by chemtrails to reduce the population.”

Jesus said: “My people, a good number of My faithful are working to set up refuges for the coming tribulation. Some refuges will be found in caves or dug out houses in the side of a hill or in the mountains. My angels will be guarding My refuges, and they will protect My faithful. You will need full trust in Me when you come to My refuges. Those refuges, where they have stocked food and water, will have these necessities multiplied as more people come to My refuges. My faithful will have an invisible shield around them, and a luminous cross of healing at My refuges. Trust in Me to provide for your needs throughout the whole tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing millions of abortions carried out each year, and most of these mothers have no feeling about killing their babies. Killing a defenseless little baby is about the worst abuse that you could do to My children. You know how much I love the little children, and I am crying like your statues to see these killings continue every day. This killing is an evil in your society that can never truly be justified. Your country will suffer greatly for all of these crimes. Your people need to realize that the death culture’s abortions are the worst and most brutal means of reducing your population. Pray for abortions to be stopped, or your punishment will be even worse.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is a hard task to carry through with building and stocking a refuge with food and fuel. Those faithful, who have chosen a particular refuge to come to, may consider helping with money and food donations, or even some physical labor. Many people, who come to refuges later, will be forming communities to help each other through the coming tribulation. Be grateful to all those people who have volunteered to set up a refuge. Helping them could be your best gesture to show your appreciation for their work.”

Jesus said: “My people, if you are not setting up a refuge, you could also think of possibly bringing as much food and bedding that you could bring in your vehicle. If you can bring more than one vehicle, you could help by bringing even more food. Whatever food and bedding that you could bring, it would be multiplied and a help to support the refuge of your choice. If many people would do this, it would help those people who are setting up refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, when people first come to My refuges, it is going to be a huge task to organize it with people doing various chores. You need to determine what skills people have, and hopefully they could bring their tools of their trade. Once you allocate the skills, then one or more people need to plan what is needed most. Setting up housing and bedding even in tents will be first. Then setting up places for food preparation would be next. You will need to farm crops or pray for food to be multiplied. Organize a means of water for drinking, bathing, and washing dishes and clothes. Plan for your hygiene needs and possibly a place for latrines. In colder climates you may need wood or other fuels for heat and cooking. All of your major needs will be provided, but all the people in the community will have to make their own work contribution.”