Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, as spring sends forth new life in all of the beautiful flowers, so there is also new life coming to you in the glory of My Easter celebration. In the spring you are happy to see the warmer temperatures to replace the cold, and the blossoming trees and flowers to replace the dull look of dormant vegetation. There is a beauty in the spiritual world as well, as you see My sun shining down My heavenly graces on everyone. In the Gospel it speaks of how I do not ration My blessings, but I give them freely because of My unconditional love for all souls. This is why I want all souls to open their hearts to Me, so I can enter and share My love with you. In the first reading St. Peter is brave in speaking out to his persecutors in the Sanhedrin because they were trying to prevent him from speaking out in My Name. St. Peter said he would rather obey God in witnessing to My Resurrection than obey these men in keeping quiet. So it is with My faithful of today that you would rather obey God in evangelizing souls than listen to all of the political correctness of those led by Satan. Keep your faith alive and vibrant, and do not fall victim to becoming lukewarm in your love for Me.”

Prayer group:

Jesus said: “My people, just as you use handrails to guide you safely down the stairs, so My angels will lead you with a flame of fire to the nearest refuge. On the way to My refuge the angels will also make you invisible to those who will be searching for you. Your guardian angels have charge over watching out for your soul, and they will be leading you to a safe haven during the tribulation time. When I warn you that it is time to leave, pack up your short list of things to carry, and be prepared to leave your homes. Call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you.”

Jesus said: “My people, as I told you before, events will be occurring one after another even as I speak. Major earthquakes are occurring in Haiti, Chile, Indonesia, Baja, Mexico, and now in China with many deaths from these disasters. Two volcanic eruptions have occurred in Iceland and the volcanic particles are causing many airports to close, since the planes would be risking jet engine damage. This closure could last for weeks. See these incidents as continuing signs of the end times.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of your people are concerned about the new changes that will be implemented in this new Health Law. The reading of the law is showing up problems that were not made clear before the final vote was taken. Politicians are very quiet, but the opposition is growing daily. Implementing a chip in the body for having the public option Health Plan is the beginning move to control people’s minds without them knowing the dangers. I have given many messages warning everyone not to take chips in the body, even if they threaten to kill you if you refuse. Even if you have to go without Health care or you cannot buy and sell, do not take this chip in the body because this will be your time to leave for My refuge where you will be healed by looking on My luminous cross or drinking from the healing spring water.”

Jesus said: “My people, this new ID Health chip will be used to buy and sell later, making it required to board planes and other means of travel just as you use your driver’s license today. Chips are not needed for buying and selling, or acquiring Health care, but this is the one world people’s plan to control your minds like robots so you can become their slaves. Mandatory chips in the body are the next logical step after the authorities have demanded chips in your driver’s license and chips in your passport. I told you before when chips in the body become mandatory, this is one of the conditions that you will then need to leave your homes and follow My angels to the nearest refuge. Do not fear because I will protect you.”

Jesus said: “My people, many groups are starting to complain that current spending plans are creating more debt than your people can afford. Once people realize that high debt levels threaten your currency and possible bankruptcy, then there will be an outcry to balance the budget with controls on spending and reasonable tax levels. More taxes are not the answer, but your government needs to live within its means as your states are forced to do. When the viability of entitlement funding is threatened, then cutbacks will be necessary across all spending. This could create riots and physical protests that could threaten a military takeover. Pray for some proper compromises that will stop your bankruptcy.”

Jesus said: “My people, many are hurting from unemployment and the possibility that these funds will not last much longer. It is impossible to keep mounting more debts so people can get paid for not working. Many states are going bankrupt because employers are not supporting unemployment insurance. The economy is improving, but jobs are still a problem. Employers would be better off hiring more workers to do actual work than paying people not to work. When states run out of money, you will see cuts especially in the schools and other payments. Pray for a solution to your current financial dilemma.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard for people to find a compromise solution for all of your problems. This is why you need to call on My help to find the best use of what finances are available. It is hard for some to shoulder all the hardships of living while others are living an expensive lifestyle. Pray that clear heads will prevail over special interests so the general people can make a living. I feel the pain of those who are hurting, and those who are well off could help the people in hard times.”