Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I call all of you to come and work in My vineyard as you labor to do My Will in saving your soul and the souls of others. It is My grace and My death on the cross that has enabled you to come to heaven because I have paid the price to redeem your souls. Some are granted graces earlier in their lives to believe in Me and follow Me in faith. To those that have more graces, more will be expected of them. Some may come to Me later in their lives, even after many years of living in sin. These are granted a special grace by a miracle of knowledge from Me, or through the prayers and petitions of others. These also will receive the same wage or reward of coming to heaven. There are even some souls who are death bed conversions. I am truly a gracious God and I give you to your dying breath to be saved and accept Me as your Savior. Once you come to heaven, I will judge also who is worthy of being in the higher levels of heaven based on your love and your actions. Just as I call you to love Me and come to heaven, I also ask you to aspire to gain the higher levels of heaven by doing the best that you can to serve Me in every way possible. Rejoice most that you are graced to be with Me in My beatific vision for all eternity. Coming to heaven will be the most pleasing reward that you could ever receive for your love and service.”