Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen fields of white crosses at military cemeteries where many have died from wars. In this vision of a church and a field of white crosses, you are seeing a battle of good and evil where there will be a substantial number of martyrs for the faith during the tribulation. I have told you before that the evil ones will be targeting religious and patriotic people, and especially your leaders. The evil ones are already preparing red and blue lists of people that they want to eliminate both before and after martial law is declared. Hundreds of detention center death camps are being manned by United Nations troops where many will be martyred by being gassed, or killed by Guillotine followed by being cremated. I am also having My faithful refuge leaders build havens that will be protected by My angels. As the evil ones prepare their death camps, so My faithful are preparing interim and final refuges where My angels will lead My faithful to safety. Fear not if you are called to be a martyr rather than renounce your faith in Me. My martyrs will all become instant saints and I will ease their pain. The faithful, who are not martyred, will be led and protected at My refuges. So do not worry about what will happen in the tribulation because I will protect the souls of My faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am reaffirming that these grounds are holy and this is truly a refuge where visions and messages have been given. As the time of tribulation draws near, many people are preparing refuges of protection and I am calling them in their hearts to provide for My faithful remnant. I have given you messages before how many miracles will be performed at My refuges in order to feed you and shelter you from the evil ones who want to kill My faithful. On refuges that have plenty of acreage, I will multiply the buildings so My people will have sufficient accommodations to live. On refuges that have a small amount of land, I will have My angels build high buildings that look like this pagoda in the vision. When you see these miracles, you will more fully believe in My power, My grace, and My mercy. Give praise and thanks to Me that I am always at your side to guide you in life and protect your souls. This blessing of My refuges of protection is like I protected My people from the Egyptian armies. During the tribulation of the modern day Exodus, My angels will protect My faithful from the army of the Antichrist, who is also trying to kill you and take your souls. Have no fear, but trust in Me as I bring My peace into your heart and soul every day. My love goes out to all of My faithful, and those, who are providing refuges for My faithful, will receive a great reward in heaven.”