Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, creation began many years ago, and this vision of an old record player is a sign of years ago in your modern technical devices. Music is a mix of harmonies in sounds, but My creation was also meant to be a harmony of life in the plants and animals. This is better known as the balance of nature which man is disrupting in many unnatural ways. I am love, and I created everything as a manifestation of My love. Even male and female animals are a means of using love for procreation. My most beautiful creations on earth are man and woman who also are joined in love as one for the purpose of carrying on the human race. There is a parallel that all of mankind is a part of My Body, and a husband and wife are joined as one flesh. This joining of parts into one is even like your own body that has all of its members joined together. This oneness is even seen in the Three Persons of One God. Give praise and glory to Us Three Persons who keep all of you in existence by our continuous love for you in your very being. Your body is mortal, but you have an immortal soul that will live on for all eternity. Heaven is your destination where you want to be with Me in love forever. I give each person a sufficient amount of grace needed to gain heaven, but it is that person’s free will decision to love Me and seek to be with Me in heaven.”

(Our Lady of the Holy Rosary) Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast of the Holy Rosary would normally be celebrated, but Sunday’s celebration has taken its place. Some people have been praying for the coming election that there could be a change in your President to one who supports life and is against abortion. You are seeing a trend in America where the atheists are gaining control by removing My Name and My feasts from being celebrated in the public buildings. Prayer has been removed from your schools and school events, even at graduations. My Commandments and Christmas celebrations are banned from public buildings and other public places. You are seeing many attacks on your religious freedoms as well. You have many intentions for your daily rosaries, but your country and the souls of your families are needing your most attention. My Blessed Mother through her saints has promoted her rosary in your lives as one of your great weapons against the demons and evil people. Many apparitions of My Blessed Mother have encouraged My people to pray her daily rosary. My prayer warriors need to be faithful to praying their three or more rosaries each day for My Blessed Mother’s intentions. I hear your prayer intentions that My Blessed Mother has given Me as an intercessor. I hear many prayers of petition, but I also would like to hear prayers of thanksgiving when your prayers are answered.”