Sunday, October 5, 2008: (Right to Life Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospels I called the little children to Me because I loved them so much. (Matt. 19:13-15) I even want My faithful to come to Me as one of these children in their trust and innocence in the faith. In another reading I told the people whoever harms one of My little ones or causes them to sin should have a millstone put around their necks and be thrown into the sea. (Matt 18:5-6) I am referring also to those who kill My babies in the womb and promote abortion as well. They will face a great judgment against them. Those, who repent, I will forgive, but they will still suffer a minimum time in purgatory without coming directly to heaven. Those, who do not repent of their evil deeds, will face a worse fate of My justice in the flames of hell. Killing someone is the most serious sin that you could commit, when you take a human life in murder whether it be the unborn or a living older person. Live life in love of Me and your neighbor, and work to fight against abortion, and elect candidates against abortion.”
Jesus said: “My people, a lot of activities will be occurring before the election, but whom you should vote for should start with the most moral of all decisions on the abortion stands of the candidates. Your Catholic Bishops have repeated this same request to follow Church teaching in voting only for candidates that are against abortion. If a candidate can vote to encourage killing babies in abortion, how can their moral decisions on any other matters be assured when they do not value life? Some speak of a one issue vote, but this moral decision on life supercedes all the rest in importance. In addition to praying to stop abortion and voting for candidates against abortion, you can also voice your opinions to your lawmakers on your desire for them to vote pro-life, or even protest against abortions at the clinics that perform abortions. Remember what My Blessed Mother said and I confirm that the worst sin of omission is to do nothing to stop abortions. All of those, who perform abortions or have abortions, will need to call on My mercy in repentance, or you will suffer the consequences of your sins.”