Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I want to emphasize to My faithful to avoid taking the current flu shots because they will weaken your immune system. In combination with viruses spread by the chemtrails, many will contract the Swine Flu and it will be spread by those infected. It is sad that the evil one world people will use this pandemic virus to reduce the population. In the vision you are seeing a cemetery of those who have died from the Swine Flu. When this disease starts to kill many people, this will be the time to leave for your refuges, where you will be healed of all of your infirmities by looking on the luminous cross. You have seen a recent emergency declaration that will enable quarantines with penalties for those who refuse these shots. Some of this vaccine will have the live Swine Flu to spread this disease instead of protecting people. You may have to avoid crowds, and wear face masks, to keep from catching this flu. Those, who have innocently taken these shots, can take Hawthorn pills, vitamins, and herbs to build up their immune system. All of you should take these pills as they will help prevent getting this flu as well. See that this Swine Flu is a man-made disease and it was introduced into the population to reduce it. This is another ploy by the death culture one world people to allow them to control fewer people. Warn people of the dangers of taking these shots so they can avoid them. I will protect My faithful, so call on Me to help you in this planned epidemic.”
Jesus said: “My people, at the beginning of the tribulation you may have to think more about independent living in helping you to do everything on your own. This vision of a horse drawn wagon may be more significant for people who are running a farm at their place of refuge. I have told you that you may have to deal with your loss of electricity and lack of access to fuels. If you have stored fuels on your property, then I would multiply your fuels of gasoline, propane, or wood. Give Me praise and glory for sending My angels to protect you from the evil ones.”
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I thank all of you who are here tonight for praying my rosary. Thank you also for coming to this prayer group on the 25th of the month. Every time that I draw you to myself, I am bringing you to my Son, Jesus. I want you to love one another and pray for each other. Have faith and trust in my Son, Jesus. When you have full trust in Jesus, you will have no fears, no worries, and no anxieties. We all love you in heaven and we are encouraging you to know, love, and serve your Lord on your path to heaven. Keep peace in your soul with my Son’s grace, and do not let anything of this world disturb your peace.”