Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, coming to Mass on Sunday to worship Me is expected of all Catholics because it is the Third Commandment of keeping Sunday holy. Those, who refuse to come to Mass on Sunday, are committing a serious sin if they are able and not sick. Some people do not come because they are spiritually lazy, and they are becoming part of the lukewarm. It is hard to keep up the support of your parish if people do not come, and do not make a worthy donation. Of the people who do come, there are some who could contribute more than a token amount. These people have money for their comforts, but only share a little in their envelopes. I ask people to give Me at least one hour a week to come and acknowledge their Lord who gives them all that they have. You come on Sunday not only to worship Me, but to thank Me for what you have. Every time you come to Mass, you receive My Real Presence in Holy Communion for those in the state of grace. The same people, who are missing Mass, are also not coming much if at all to Confession. My sacraments are there to cleanse the sins off of your soul, and to strengthen you to fight the devil’s temptations. Pray hard for your family members to come to Sunday Mass, and give them your good example to encourage them to attend Mass and come to Confession.”