Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, all the time in heaven My saints and angels are giving Me praise and Adoration. I know that My people are weak and distracted easily in your human condition. Still I want My people to do as the saints and angels do, and give Me praise and glory every day. Today’s Gospel speaks about persevering in prayer for your intentions and about faith in Me to heal people and answer their prayers. There are many ways to pray, and when you pray, you are talking directly to My Heart. The five types of prayer are: prayers of worship as at Mass, prayers of Adoration as when you pray before My monstrance or tabernacle, prayers of petition as when you pray for people’s souls, prayers of thanksgiving as when you are thanking Me for favors received, and prayers of blessings as when you pray grace before meals. In the vision you are seeing a crucifix in front of a grave. This has two meanings. The first meaning is how each soul can prepare for its death by becoming united with Me in daily prayer and a love relationship that will save this soul for heaven. The second meaning is how My faithful can pray for the deceased that may still have their souls in purgatory. Your Masses and prayers for the souls in purgatory can gain their release so they can come to heaven quicker.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you a warning that the demons and evil people do not like your messages that are revealing their dark secrets. I told you that when you pray over people in your binding of the demons prayer, that you could see a push back from the demons. This could take many forms of attack, but you have already seen attacks before, as the car in the wrong lane, your flat tire in the dark, and the major accident when someone ran a red light and hit you. So keep praying your St. Michael prayer and invoke My protection as you drive your car. My power is more powerful than all of the demons, so call on Me and My angels to protect you. Have no fear of the demons, and trust in My protection.”