Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011: (Guardian Angel Day)
Mark said: “I am Mark, and I stand before God in obedience to Him. It is a joy to work with you because your gift from God keeps you linked with His words, and you are trying to be obedient to Him also. We angels make only one choice to serve God and it is forever. You also have said ‘yes’ to serve God in your mission to share God’s Word about preparing for the tribulation. I am reaffirming that when you feel nudges to pray, go to Mass, go to Adoration, and work for your neighbor, you are being urged on by me. I am also protecting you in your travel both in the car and in airplanes. The demons are doing everything to distract you with worldly pleasures, so call on me when you are being tested. Share your love with everyone and also share your faith where possible. Remember how the Lord told you not to mellow His words for a better hearing. So keep giving your messages even if some people do not want to hear you, or they are persecuting you. For being faithful, the Lord will give you graces and a great reward in heaven. Keep praying your morning prayers and your prayers to me in love. I love you so much, even as the Lord loves you.”