Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel the hypocritical Pharisees tried to test Me by asking if it was lawful to pay the Romans the census tax. I confounded their intentions by telling them: ‘Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but give to God what belongs to God.’ In your modern day work situation your various governments demand tax payment even before you receive what is left of your paycheck. So your modern day Caesar is already paid. What is God’s portion should be about ten per cent of what is left for charity and to support My Church. It is getting harder to balance budgets, but do not cheat My charity with just a token contribution. If you cannot afford such a charity, then you are living beyond your means. Too many people find plenty of money for expensive homes and cars, as well as entertainment, but they do not budget much for charity donations. People need to live more simply and spend balanced amounts for all of your needs. By helping the poor, then you are doing your works of mercy to help your neighbor.”
Jesus said: “My people, the evil all around you is going to worsen until the Antichrist comes into power. It will not get better until I return and cast all of the evil ones into hell. This renewal of the earth will then bring about My New Era of Peace. Until I return, you will need to call on My protection at your refuges during the tribulation. Many events are already in motion to bring about an evil takeover of America. This evil wheel rolling over everyone in the vision is a sign of how all resistance to this evil will be killed. This is why you will see many martyred for their faith because it does not fit with the elite’s new world order. These evil ones do not even fear the people’s rebellion because they have plans to exterminate all of their opposition. The devil and the Antichrist will be allowed a brief ruthless reign that will force My faithful to seek safety at My refuges. My power is greater than all of the evil ones, so you know that I can protect you whenever you call on My help. Earthly things will not save you. Only I can save you from the evil ones, and then bring you to heaven as your reward. You are in a spiritual battle between good and evil, and you must remain faithful with My help to endure this reign of evil.”