Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, there is a contrast to your needs of the body with your needs of the soul. In the vision you see your spiritual goal is to be with Me in heaven, while the picture of a pool of water is one of your needs of the body for your survival. Keeping your focus on Me in your prayers and My sacraments are part of nourishing your soul with the grace of Holy Communion in your spiritual food. You also are given spiritual strength to endure the temptations of the devil. Do not let your physical needs overshadow your spiritual needs. Which means do not let your desire of possessions and entertainment take up all of your time so that you do not have time for Me in your life. I am more important over all that is earthly, and when you pray to Me, I will see to all of your needs. Priorities in your life should be centered around the fact that your soul’s destination is more important than serving the body’s needs. You are to take care of your body’s health according to My Fifth Commandment, but not to any extremes or excesses. Follow My example of My life in the Scriptures and you will have your reward in heaven.”