Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, truly you have the greatest gift that you could have in My Blessed Sacrament that you receive at Communion time. My angels are giving witness to My Real Presence and the flames in the vision represent the flame of love that they have for Me. I pray that all of you have a flame of love burning in your heart to be with Me. Today’s gospel is difficult to understand from man’s point of view. I know that you need some money to buy your necessities and provide a living for your family, which is why you have jobs. I want you though to be able to break any attachment to your money and possessions. You live to serve Me and praise Me, so this money is only a means to provide food and travel. Do not make these things into idols that you serve more than Me. Some have taken vows of poverty, and I commend them for putting their complete trust in Me to provide for them. Use your money to help others in their needs. Another treasure, that you share, is your time that you give Me for prayer and to share your faith with others. Do not worry about having enough money to survive, because just as I feed the birds, so I will feed you who are even more valuable than the birds. Keep your focus on Me in life, and you will win your prize of salvation with Me in heaven.”