Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, in two of today’s readings you read of how people were miraculously healed of their leprosy. In the one case Naaman was healed by the prophet Elisha, and in the Gospel ten lepers were healed by Jesus. In addition to physical healings, there were also spiritual conversions. In the vision in the river there is a representation of Baptism as St. John the Baptist baptized many by immersion in the water. When people are blessed with My gifts, it is unfortunate that not everyone is quick to thank Me as the Samaritan did. You have many things to give Me thanks for in your gift of faith, your gift of life, and your loving relationship with Me, especially in My Eucharist. Some should be grateful for a good marriage, children, and grandchildren. Others have been blessed with a job, food to eat, and a home to go to. You take many things for granted such as the air you breathe, the light from the sun, and water to drink. It is when you are without these gifts that you may more fully appreciate their value to you. When you have droughts, floods, or loss of electricity, you appreciate your proper amount of water, and the ability to have your electrical appliances work. So give praise and thanks to Me for all that you have through Me. You can show your appreciation by sharing your gifts with others, and you will be storing up your reward in heaven. Your family and friends are gifts to each other, so share your love with them and all those who are a part of your life.”