Sunday, November 9, 2008: (Dedication of St. John Lateran)

Jesus said: “My people of America, I have given you signs that if your country did not repent of its sins and change its lifestyles, that your country would cease to exist. This sign in your vision of your Constitution burning up is foretelling you that your country, as you know it, is going down in flames as part of My justice. The one world people, who are planning a world government takeover, will be taking over your country and making it a part of the North American Union. All of your freedoms will be taken away along with all of your sovereignty rights. By bankrupting your country and fears of security, your people will become subjects of the masons through chips which will become mandatory in the body. This will be the time to go to My refuges because persecution of Christians will become as it was in the Early Church, when all Christians were sought out to be killed. Trust in My protection and not in your guns or money.”
Jesus said: “My people, your economy is like this ship traveling slowly through the water trying to avoid the big icebergs of the credit crisis and companies laying off jobs because of reduced earnings. Your consumer is having trouble getting credit for large purchases, and they are spending less because of your recession and possible job layoffs. This reduced demand for goods and services is what is causing the reduced company earnings. With all of the bailouts by your government, banks are still reluctant to lend money. America will be fortunate not to hit one of these icebergs and sink. The one world people could prevent a deeper recession, but they want your economy to fail and go bankrupt from your massive deficits. Your people have saved their money in stocks and their houses, and both of these investments are losing badly. Trust in Me to provide for your protection and your necessities.”