Sunday, November 25, 2007: (Christ the King)

Jesus said: “My people, My Kingship of all nations is known all over the world, but there are many who do not acknowledge My being Master of their lives. When I started My public ministry, you have read the Gospels of how I told everyone that the Kingdom of God is upon them. When you are in My sacramental Presence, you truly have Me among you in My Kingdom through My Real Presence. You have kings and rulers among you in the material world, but all of their reigns are temporary and are passing away. I with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit have created all that you see and We even keep it in existence. We are truly Lord and Master of your lives, even though all that you can see is the hand of Our work in creation. You are all made in Our image with free will, but you are called to love Me and your neighbor. You see harmony in nature and it is only man who causes war and destruction of this harmony. You may recognize presidents and prime ministers as your human authority, but you should even recognize Me as your spiritual King over everything on earth and otherwise. You are in the end times before I will return to claim My dominion over the earth, and defeat the evil ones. Trust in My Kingship because My power is over all creation in the angels and evil people. I await your praise and Adoration of My Kingship every day.”
Jesus said: “My people, before people used electric or natural gas clothes dryers, they used to dry things by hanging them on lines either outside or in the basement. This saved buying another expensive appliance at one time, and the heat energy to dry the clothes. This is one example of how America has become such an energy consumer of fuels in order to have a higher standard of living. Americans would rather use energy intensive means of various appliances and machines to save time and ease their physical labor. America could be less dependent on oil if you looked seriously at alternative fuels and a sincere look at ways to save energy fuels on your conveniences. By higher efficient heaters, higher mileage cars, and solar powered devices, you could not only save money, but you also could save fuels. If America was not so wasteful in its use of fuels, you could be less dependent on oil with less reasons for wars. America consumes more energy per person than any other nation. This is why conservation and efficiency is needed to reduce your energy needs and your greed for convenience.”