Sunday, November 23, 2008: (Christ the King)

Jesus said: “My people, after reading this week’s Gospel on the judgment, it could be a wake-up call to check on your own lives how much you helped to feed the poor, clothe those in need, and help shelter the homeless. You can also remember if you visited the sick, visited those in prison, or mourned with the families who had members die. If you have done all of these things for Me in the poor, then you will receive your reward. If you have not done so, then now would be a good time to start helping others. There is still a greater help that you could do for anyone, and that is to evangelize the spiritual poor who have no faith or they have lost their faith. Being an evangelist to save souls will have a greater reward. So you can be a light in the dark room of the vision with My Word in their hearts and any physical help in feeding My people. Helping others gives joy to your heart also, because you made someone happy, and you allowed them to survive both physically and spiritually. Do this is remembrance of Me.”