Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011: (Christ the King)
Jesus said: “My people, I share My love with you, and I pray that you would share your love with Me and all of those around you. You hold My love close to your heart as a treasure, and you want people to experience this same love experience that you have. You are eager to share your love, and some even desire to be missionaries of My Word. I call My missionaries to go out to all the nations to spread My Word of love. You are celebrating My kingship today at this Mass, and I want to be the Master of your life in directing you to heaven. See that you are always dependent on Me as you come to Me for your daily sustenance of My grace in the Bread of My Real Presence. I want you to share your faith experience with as many people as possible, even if it requires you to go out of your comfort zone to make some converts. By seeing to your neighbor’s physical needs and spiritual needs, you are doing this to Me in them. Then when you come to Me in your judgment, you will have good works in your hands, and I will invite you into your reward in heaven. But those, who refuse to love Me and their neighbor, will have empty hands, and they will be sent to hell because they did not do anything for Me in their neighbor. Give praise and glory to your King who loves you so much.”