Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel of the talents is a wake-up call to see how you are responding to My call to serve Me and your neighbor. It is about taking up your own cross that I have given you to bear through life’s trials and troubles. There are different levels of response depending on the graces and capabilities of each soul. To the one who is given more, more will be expected. Some have sought Me in My Blessed Sacrament and have worked to learn more of their faith. These are My faithful remnant of prayer warriors who reach out as priests, deacons, nuns, and evangelists to save souls. Others with lesser gifts have not sought Me out as strongly, but they still believe and help others the best that they can. Still others are the lukewarm who know the faith, but they have become lax or have rejected their early training. These will be held most accountable because they knew about Me, but they buried their gifts. Still others never believed in Me and were atheists. These will be held accountable because they could have searched to find Me, but they rejected even learning the faith. When all of these souls arrive at the judgment, those, who rejected Me, will find the everlasting flames of hell. The others, who were saved, will eventually come to the varying levels of heaven according to their love for Me and the works that they have done on earth in their lifetime. I am a loving, merciful, and a just God. All of My judgments are fair and measured according to how you expressed your love for Me and your neighbor. While you are still alive, you can grow in your spirituality if you so desire, and you will be rewarded for your extra efforts to serve Me.”