Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, the last weeks of the Church Year are focused on the end times of when I will return. My son, you have been given a mission to prepare the people for the end times. Just as you see the signs of nature drawing to a close, so you have signs around you indicating that the coming tribulation is about to occur, after which I will return. You need to be prepared for your judgment every day, but even more so you need to have pure souls to be ready for My return. In the Gospel of the talents some have been given more and some less, but each of you are called to make an accounting for your actions according to the number of gifts that you have been given. You are called to love Me in worship and to love your neighbor in doing good deeds to help them. When you love Me, you will follow My Commandments and you are also called to share your time, talents, and your money with others. Share your gifts of faith also in giving good example and work to evangelize souls, especially those in your family. When you face Me at your judgment, I will ask you how much you loved Me, and how much you loved Me in your neighbor. I will also ask you how many souls that you have brought to Me in conversion. Live your life to the fullest, so when you are called before Me, you will have the fruit of your efforts in your hands to weigh against your sins. Once you have been judged worthy, I will welcome you into My Wedding Banquet in heaven.”