Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016:
Jesus said: “My son, this Sunday’s Gospel speaks of My coming in victory as I come to judge all of humanity. I told you that you are living in a glorious time of My power over the evil ones, and you will live to see this brought about in your lifetime. At this time you are preparing both for My Warning and the coming tribulation. I have asked you to prepare a refuge for this time. You have been given My messages to help prepare the people for the Warning and the tribulation. It is the power of My angels that will protect you through this time. My Warning is My Divine Mercy on all sinners to wake up and repent of their sins. Believe in Me so all of you can receive your cross on your forehead, so you will be allowed into My refuges. This will be your last chance to evangelize your family and friends before the Antichrist’s brief reign. I want all of you to trust in My protection at all times, even if some people are martyred for their faith. My son, I love your obedience to My Will in all that I have asked you to do. Keep faithful to My Word, and call on My angels whenever you are attacked by the evil one. When you trust in Me for everything, then you will experience My true love and peace that you experienced when I took you to heaven. Go and present yourselves in this walk of the martyrs so I can hear your prayers to evangelize souls and allow more souls to be released from purgatory.”

Jesus said: “My people, all the souls who were released from purgatory are ever grateful for your efforts to make this walk for them. They will be praying for you to help with your refuges. You were asked to place the martyrs’ picture in your chapel, so maybe you could frame a picture to remember these North American Martyrs. Invite them to help you with any of your problems. I thank all of you for acknowledging these brave martyrs who gave up their lives for their faith in Me. Be ready to suffer any persecutions that you may face in the coming tribulation.”