Sunday, May 31, 2009: (Pentecost Sunday)

The Holy Spirit came and said: “I am the Holy Spirit of love and life, and I enliven the spirit of faith, hope, and love in every person. Some accept God wholeheartedly into their life, but others are choosing to follow the world and their own will for comforts and entertainment. Every human person is made up of body and soul, but the body will soon pass away, and the soul, which is immortal, will live forever. You have two choices. Those, who choose to follow Jesus’ words and keep the Commandments of love, are choosing to be with Us in heaven for all eternity. Those, who choose to worship the world and follow the devil, are choosing eternal punishment in the flames of hell. You are dealing with inspiring the younger people to desire worshiping God on Sunday and to make Us a part of their lives. It is because the younger generations are becoming spiritually lazy in their faith that your numbers in church are falling. The majority of your churches today have more older people than young people. Your people have become too complacent with their faith, because they do not see the need for God in their lives. This is why many of your churches are closing. Just as the Israelites lost their freedom when they worshiped idols instead of God, so America will lose its freedoms because of your worship of material things and worldly concerns. When you see the evil ones persecute you, you will see that only by depending on God can you get through life and its trials. Keep close to Us in faith, and trust that We will provide for you. The devil hates man and he wants to kill you. Come to the God who loves you and refuse the devil’s temptations that only lead to death of the body and soul.”