Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015: (Feast of Pentecost)
The Holy Spirit said: “I am the God of love, and I am One with God the Father and God the Son. When you receive Holy Communion worthily, you receive all of Us in the Blessed Trinity. You have honored God the Father and Jesus in your chapel, but it would be fitting to also honor Me as well. I would like one framed picture of the Baptism of Jesus in the portrayal of the Blessed Trinity, a picture of a Dove, and a picture of My flames that appeared over the apostles and the disciples. It would please Me if you placed this combined picture in your chapel, and take it to your prayer group meetings. You know how I inspire you in writing your messages, and in helping you to evangelize souls in your speaking engagements. I reach out to touch all souls to know Jesus, even those souls who have fallen away, or those souls who have never known Jesus. Remember Me in the Sign of the Cross, and your Glory Be prayers to the Blessed Trinity. Some people may forget about Me, but I bring you My gifts every day as My blessing. When you pray to any Person of the Blessed Trinity, you are praying to all of Us, because We are One in a mystery that is difficult for you to understand. Call on all of Us every day to help you to bring souls to the faith, so they can be saved from hell.”