Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, parting from My apostles in My physical Body was a difficult moment more for My apostles than for Me. This is because I am always with you spiritually, but you cannot see Me. In this time between the feast of My Ascension into heaven and Pentecost I have asked you to pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit. My apostles were patiently waiting for the Advocate to come and bless them with the gifts that they would need for their missions in various countries. They were given different languages to speak, healing gifts, and evangelization gifts. When you pray to the Holy Spirit, you can also be blessed with His gifts. It is not easy to know My mission for you, because it takes prayer and discernment to have this revealed. By your daily consecration of everything over to Me, you can be open to receive My Word, and act on it. All Christians have the potential to save souls, and even some with strong faith can heal those who believe that they can be healed in My Name. Pray every day, as this is your spiritual lifeline to My graces.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing some violent storms that have generated heavy rainfall, lightning, hailstones, and even tornadoes. This vision of a mud soaked car carried off in a flood has been typical of some of your places of heavy rainfall. Violent natural disasters such as rainstorms and firestorms are going to continue in the coming months. Man-made microwave machines can enhance these storms in tornadoes or hurricanes. Be prepared for more bad storms, since the violence of man’s killing is reflected in the weather.”