Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, ever since Easter you have been celebrating My Resurrection and the gift of My death that have given you salvation in the forgiveness of your sins. I am showing you the blooming flowers again as a sign of My love for all of you. I ask only that you give Me your love and praise in thanksgiving for all that I have given you. As I ascended into heaven, I then had My apostles await the fire of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. All of you have been blessed by the Holy Spirit in your Baptism and Confirmation so you also have his gifts to go forth and share My Gospel of love with everyone. It is the evangelization of souls that is so important to prepare everyone to have faith in life and meet Me at your judgment. Pray for all sinners who need conversion now more than ever.”

Jesus said: “My people, My Catholic Church in America is slowly decaying like My Church in Europe. As you pray over many people, you are seeing a constant theme in their prayers for the older children who are falling away from their faith in not coming to Sunday Mass. The parents have a deep rooted faith, but the next generation has become so lukewarm that they are not inspired to see how important the Mass and prayer should be in their lives. This is how the devil is distracting them with worldly things and even addictions to drugs, alcohol, and smoking. As this generation loses their faith, fewer are coming to church which results in closing their parishes. In order to keep the youth interested in their faith, they need to be encouraged with Bible study, retreats, missions, and renewal groups. If there is not enough spiritual activity to involve your youth in learning about their faith, then they become lazy and fall away from their faith. This is also testing even the older adults, but most have kept their faith by a good prayer life taught by their parents. My people need to work harder to re-evangelize even your own family members. Ask them politely why they stopped going to church. If your children are not going to Mass, then imagine what will happen to their children. Your society of the lukewarm and the lack of repentance for sin is why your country is receiving less blessings, and the devil is winning souls away from Me. Pray for your children’s souls, but it will take My Warning to wake up these sinners from their apathy and complacency. Pray for My Warning to come soon before the faith becomes a small minority.”