Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, today’s first reading about Abraham being asked by God to offer up his only son, Isaac, takes some explanation to understand. Isaac had been born late in life when Sarah’s normal time to have children was over. It was a miracle that he was born, and Isaac was the only heir to the many descendants promised by God. This is why it was difficult for Abraham to carry out the Lord’s request. It was out of obedience and love of God that he was ready to sacrifice his only son. Think a moment if the Lord asked you to sacrifice your first born. As much as you love God and your children, it would be very difficult to even think of carrying out that sacrifice. God the Father so loves all of mankind that He offered up My life as a man for the redemption of all of your souls, even though I was His only begotten Son. Love of God is so important that this love must prevail over any other person or thing in this life. This is why God the Father tested Abraham’s love and obedience. Abraham was later rewarded in many ways for his sole allegiance to God, even over his only son. This is also why your love for Me is also even more important than even your own life. Many people and saints would rather give up their life than give up their faith. This would be another test that you may have to endure during the coming tribulation.”
Jesus said: “My people, I want you to pray for some people in your country that are having to deal with floods around their houses. Water damage can be very devastating to a house, especially if it takes days to recede. Pray that the damage can be repaired so these people can move on with their lives. America is suffering many natural disasters, one right after the other. All of these disasters and financial problems are taking a toll on your people. Continue to keep strong in your prayers and call on Me in your needs.”