Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I know that you need to love everyone, even those who are in favor of abortion. The real issue is that it should not be a choice to kill an innocent baby in the womb. This is against My Fifth Commandment of thou shalt not kill. Some feel it is embarrassing to have a child outside of marriage, but it is even more embarrassing to heaven to kill an infant. This is a battle for life against those who want to kill life. There are protests in Washington, D.C., protests at Planned Parenthood, and counseling of pregnant women. Help centers for women also can ease any difficulty in having their children. You can pray to stop abortion and write to your government representatives to discourage payment for abortions with tax money. The devil hates man, and he encourages people to kill their children, kill the elderly, and cause wars. It is a plan of the evil ones to cut the population in any way that they can. This is the battle for life that you are in, and any legal way that you can stop abortions is open for your action. If you do not do anything to stop abortions, you are committing a sin of omission. Reach out to love and educate people about the value and preciousness of life that I create.”

Jesus said: “My people, when I taught My apostles My Gospels, I asked them to follow Me, and this is the meaning of the footprint. In the same way I want you to teach your children the same faith that I taught My apostles. Not only do you teach them by word, but you also are teaching them by your actions in how you lead your lives. Your children notice how you say your prayers before meals, how you pray your rosaries during the day, and how you go to Mass every day. Teach your children also how they need to have their sins forgiven every month at Confession. By letting your children see your actions, they can make prayer a part of their lives as well. See that your children attend proper religious instruction and be careful what they are taught. Also make sure that they have a properly formed conscience so they know right from wrong by what I teach. Even after your children have grown into adulthood, you need to warn them against living together in sin before marriage. Also continue to advise them that they need to continue to go to Sunday Mass. Inform them in a loving way because you are concerned to have their souls saved in heaven. You are responsible for the souls of your children and even your grandchildren. When you come before Me at your judgment, you will have to make an accounting for how you led your children in their faith upbringing. They have free will, but they need a proper faith formation.”