Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when I healed people in the Gospel, I focused on healing souls without trying to draw fame to Myself. Even when I cast demons out of people, I told the demons to be quiet and not to proclaim that I was the Holy One of God. I truly was a hidden Messiah. There were several incidents when My true identity was given. My Transfiguration was witnessed only by three of My apostles. In Nazareth’s synagogue I told them that I was a fulfillment of Isaiah’s writings of healing people, but they wanted to kill Me for blasphemy. Among My apostles St. Peter was given by My Father to know that I was the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Before the High Priest I also admitted that I was the Son of God, but they crucified Me for blasphemy. This was all part of the plan for My crucifixion to save all of mankind from their sins. Many saw power in My healings, My miracles, and the authority of My words, but few wanted to admit that I was the Messiah, especially My own Jewish people refused to believe in Me. Yet, despite this rejection, My Resurrection was proof to everyone who wants to believe in Me. The history of My Church’s formation and its existence up to today is also a witness to My protection from the gates of hell. Only those, who believe in Me, and accept Me, can enter into heaven, for I truly am the Messiah for all time. I am with you always in My Blessed Sacrament.”