Sunday, March 28, 2010: (Palm Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, as you read My Passion, you can see all of the injustices that were caused by the religious leaders and how they stirred up the people to crucify Me. They claimed that I was a blasphemer because they did not want to believe that I truly was the Son of God. They could not understand My Incarnation as a man and they did not want someone upsetting their years of authority. Some believed in Me, but for many years the Romans killed the Christians. In that time it was difficult to hide and profess your belief in Me, even as most of My apostles were martyred. In this vision you walk through the biblical account of My suffering which you will hear again during Holy Week. You will witness My condemnation, see My scourging, walk with Me to Calvary, see Me stripped of My clothes and nailed to the cross, then you will agonize over My death on the cross. All of this suffering and mistreatment from man I put up with as a ransom for all of mankind’s sins from Adam’s sin up to when I come again. It is hard for you to fully appreciate how much I love all of you until you can understand how much I suffered at the hands of the Romans. Every time that you read the account of My Passion or the Pieta prayers, then you have a little feeling of what I suffered. When you see the wars, abortions, other killings, and sins of the flesh, you see why I had to suffer so much for all of you. Come to the Holy Week services and relive how I suffered on the cross.”