Sunday, March 22, 2009: (Laetare, rejoice Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, the readings today touch many important parts of your faith and the coming events for your country. In the Gospel it touches on the vision when Moses lifted up the bronze serpent to heal those who were bitten by the seraph serpents. The people complained of just having the manna without any meat. The seraph serpents were sent as a punishment for their grumbling. In this figure as with the night of delivery, the people ate unleavened bread in Egypt and manna in the desert. This is a prefigurement of the Holy Bread of Holy Communion in My Real Presence. Also the lifting up of the bronze serpent is parallel to My being lifted up on the cross when I died for all of mankind. There is also a parallel in the future when My faithful will look upon My luminous cross over the refuges, and you will be healed of all of your health problems. This is Rejoice Sunday in Lent and you can be happy to celebrate My victory over sin and death that you will soon celebrate on Easter Sunday. In the first reading there is the account of how the Israelites were conquered and exiled to Babylon because of their many iniquities and their idol worship. Later, the Persians freed the Israelites as part of God’s plan to restore the Temple. Again there is a parallel to the coming defeat and takeover of America because of your sins of abortion, adoption of a death culture, and your worship of money and materialism instead of worshiping Me. Be prepared for the demise of your country as carried out by your enemies in the one world people. Be patient, My people, for soon I will come to defeat the Antichrist and restore My Kingdom on earth with My Era of Peace.”