Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in a few more weeks you will be celebrating Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday. Divine Mercy Sunday allows you to receive My mercy by following the requirements of this devotion that will enable you to cleanse all the reparation due for all of your past sins. This devotion is a gift of God to man, and not like other devotions that you make to Me and the saints, which are from man to God. This mercy of Mine will be extended to everyone in My coming Warning experience. Everyone at the same time all over the world will have an out of body, outside of time life review of all of your actions. Some people have death or near death experiences where they have life reviews, a mini-judgment, and they are returned to their bodies. Everyone will have a similar experience in the Warning of coming before Me in My Light to receive an illumination of their conscience so they will know true right from wrong, as I will judge all that they did whether right or wrong. Everyone, no matter what religion or not, will know that only through Me can you enter heaven. It was My sacrifice on the cross that freed you from your sins. It is only necessary for you to say that you are sorry for your sins and ask My forgiveness, and your sins will be cleansed in Confession. I left you on earth with My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament of the Mass. I am truly Present in every consecrated Host and in the consecrated Wine. I only ask that you receive Me in Holy Communion worthily without any mortal sin so you can avoid any sin of sacrilege. I want to take the visiting priest’s comments to task when he stated that I was not in My tabernacle. This is bordering on heresy because I am truly Present in My Hosts that are stored in My tabernacle. I invite you to visit My tabernacle and Adore Me because I am sacramentally Present among you. God the Holy Spirit is in you as you are temples of the Holy Spirit, but My Eucharist is a mystery of My Real Presence. The Warning is part of My Divine Mercy in giving every soul a chance to be saved. Your focus will be on all of your unforgiven actual sins and sins of omission. Many will desire Confession after the Warning, and it will be My prayer warriors’ best opportunity to evangelize souls, especially those souls in your family. After the Warning, events will lead up to the coming Antichrist that will start the tribulation. Pray for My protection at My refuges as I and the angels will shield you from the evil ones.”