Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013: (St. Patrick’s Day)
St. Patrick said: “My dear son, I am happy to greet all of you on my feast day, but Sunday Mass has taken precedence over my celebration in church. A while ago, I invited you to Ireland, the land of your family’s heritage. You also saw your family briefly with your father, your grandfather, Adelaide, and the rest of your family. I was happy that you had two opportunities to visit Ireland. I came to Ireland as a foreigner so I could spread the Catholic faith there. Many Irish Catholics have immigrated to America, as your great grandfather. I only pray that my Irish adopted people can stay close to Jesus in their Christian beliefs. I know you like to wear green to honor me, but also remember the shamrock as a belief in the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity. I love all of you, and I have a special love for the Irish people. America is a blend of many ethnic backgrounds, and it is blessed in many ways. The people of America need to repent of their sins, or they will lose their blessings. Keep faithful to Jesus, and keep remembering your family’s heritage in Ireland because it is who you are.”