Sunday, March 16, 2008: (Palm Sunday, Passion Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, you have read the pain and suffering that I endured on the cross, even though you shared a little suffering in standing to read My Passion. When you got home, you realized that your crucifix was left behind where you traveled. Some of your special spiritual weapons are too valuable to chance losing, and the evil one knows how to distract you to forget them. Be more careful with your relics, and keep your holy water and holy oil always available for blessing people. My cross is how I suffered for your sins, and this view of My cross on your altar is important for the people to keep focused on Me all year long. Remember every day to pick up your cross and carry it with Me, so you can share your sufferings with Me on My cross. You will need to carry your cross until the day that you die, just as I had to die on Calvary. Dying and suffering are not easy to endure, but you are assured, that with trust in Me, you will see your resurrection just as I resurrected.”