Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, the first reading talks about the flood in Genesis that killed all the people but Noah and his family. There was a covenant made by God to man that water by a flood will never kill everyone again. We put a rainbow in the sky when it rains as a symbol of this covenant. Another covenant was made by God to man that I promised to come and die for all of you as a holy sacrifice so that all of your sins would be forgiven. When you are baptized, original sin is forgiven. The symbol of washing with water in Baptism washes away your sins and the water is a link with this first covenant. The rainbow is a symbol also of new life in the Spirit as now you are joined with all the faithful in a common faith and belief in Me. Give praise and thanks to God for making all of these covenants with you.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are many conflicts going on all over the world because the evil one is influencing these wars. The financial problems of the world are also part of the evil one’s plan for eventual takeover. Many times I ask you to pray for peace and even more so during Lent because there is much dissension among the people of the world. By keeping peace in your own hearts and families, you can also spread your love all around the world. When you pray during Lent, put an extra emphasis on praying for peace and the stoppage of wars because the enemy is trying to divide you and conquer you. Trust in My help because one day I will bring My peace in My Era of Peace.”