Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014: (Pentecost Sunday)
The Holy Spirit said: “Behold, the Spirit and I are One with the Father.’ These are the words of Jesus, and He tells you how you receive the Blessed Trinity at Holy Communion. You are seeing Us right now at Adoration in the monstrance with the Host. At the First Pentecost you are reading about some of the gifts that I bestowed upon the apostles. They were given gifts of speaking in different languages, gifts of healing, gifts of prophecy, protection from poison, and the courage to evangelize souls to believe in the Gospel. These same gifts I bestow on all the faithful people. This gift of prophecy, that you have received, is how I help you to write down the words of Jesus, and to proclaim His Word at your talks. You call on My help in healing and speaking the Word of faith to the people. Even as you give thanks to Jesus for the messages, you can also give thanks to Me for conveying these messages. Call on Me to help heal the people that you are praying over, both in their bodies and their souls. Remember Me in your ‘Sign of the Cross’ and the ‘Glory Be’ prayers. I love all of the people of God, and I shower you with My graces.”