Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I have told you not to be afraid of anything or anyone. If you have Me with you, who could be against you? You can trust in My help to protect you from all of the evil ones. I have called you to beware of demons or people who can mislead you into sin that could endanger your soul in falling into hell. When you are tested, call on My Name, Jesus, to take away any temptations of the devil. I have showed you My walking with My disciples on the road to Emmaus because I was explaining to them the Scriptures of why I had to die for mankind. Adam sinned against God by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree in order to be like a god. This sin and the inclination to sin has been inherited by all of mankind as a result of Adam’s sin, and this is original sin that is forgiven in Baptism. But you still have also inherited a weakness to sin. This is why you needed a Savior in Me to come down to earth and die for your sins so you could be released from the bondage of your sins. By My death on the cross, you now can be forgiven in Confession so your sins are cleansed and grace can be returned to your soul. This is why this explanation for My coming is so important to your spiritual freedom both in this life and the next life in heaven for the faithful. Give praise and glory to God for My saving act that allows you the opportunity to be saved from your sins. Follow My Commandments and My Will for you to follow My mission. Accept Me as your Savior and repent of your sins, and you will have your eternal reward in heaven.”