Sunday, June 21, 2009: (Father’s Day)

God the Father said: “I AM started all of creation from Adam, so I am literally the Father of all humanity. I sent My Son, Jesus, to offer His life as a sacrifice for your sins and He gave you new life in the Spirit. I truly am watching over all of you, and I hold all of the universe in its proper place. Give glory and praise to Me, and you can wish Me a Happy Father’s Day as well. Give thanks to Me also for all the beauty of the earth and flowers of My creation. I love all of you, even as I sent My Son to help you out of love. Thank all of your fathers for all that they do for your families.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that it would be a good preparation for My people to do some backpacking and use your tents for an overnight stay. When you are on your way to My refuge, you may have to camp outside a few days until you reach the refuge. By having tried living in a tent overnight, you can see what you really need and how well you can adapt to living in rustic outdoor camps. You will not have all the comforts of home, so you need to be able to live a simple lifestyle. Remember to bring your sacramentals, rosaries, and holy books for reading. This is in addition to your basic camping supplies. I commend those who are willing to go through with this exercise which may be beneficial training for the time that you really have to leave. Once you are warned, do not be wasting time, but leave your home quickly without thinking about what you left behind. I will provide for your needs, so have no fear.”