Sunday, June 15, 2008: (Father’s Day)

God the Father said: “I AM came today to bless all of the people at Mass, especially all of the fathers in taking care of their families. It is sad with divorces and living together that too many children are being raised without father images. All fathers need to call on My help in keeping their jobs and supporting their families both financially and spiritually. The women are usually more religious, but the fathers should make more of an effort in coming to Sunday Mass, and praying every day. In the reading it is mentioned how I brought the Israelites to the promised land in the Exodus. I am the same protector of My people today and I will be there to provide for you and protect you in the coming modern day Exodus during the tribulation. Consider this day as one of My feast days because many tend to forget Me in their prayers. It was My Son, Jesus, who taught you to pray to Me in the ‘Our Father’ prayer. I brought about creation of all that you see before you. So remember all Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity when you are praying to God.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a darkness over New York City indicating a night scene, but also an absence of power to run the lights. There will be some strong storms around New York that could cause a power outage. You have seen several blackouts in the Northeast and the weather this year has been very severe. The fireworks were sent off near July 4th for some light and a comfort to the people that all was normal. These natural disasters are happening frequently, and you have seen power outages before with lightning striking power transformers. These events will continue to threaten America along with terrorism attempts. Be prepared this year for many trials that everyone will have to endure in prayer.”